Your Memories Matter: Go Digital

Our memories are a fragment of who we are, allowing us to relive precious moments where love and joy were once shared among friends or family. However, it is very rare for a human to remember every little moment and detail in their life. Photography and videography are great tools for capturing worthwhile moments, showing future generations a different world and lifestyle through timeless footage. Unfortunately, old photographs and video do not have an unlimited lifespan. Deterioration will start to occur over the years decreasing quality and potentially ruining memories forever. Your memories matter and are worth preserving at all costs, it’s time to go digital.

What is Digital Media Transfer?

Transferring analog media, such as old photos, VHS tapes, or film, into modern digital formats simply means your memories are placed on a secured digital file. Choosing to have old media converted digitally ensures your memories are preserved by modern technology, allowing those photos and videos to be shared, duplicated, and backed up a thousand times.
You may be wondering, what media files can be transferred? At Keepsake, our professionals are trained in:

  • Tape Transfer
  • Film Transfer
  • Slides
  • Photos
  • Audio

We also have a team of Video Editors and often work on specialty transfer projects for universities and institutions.
Sometimes you can be interested in digitally transferring your media, but you don’t want to lose the emotional attachment to the hard copies of your memories. When working with Keepsake, you have the option of keeping your old film and photos along with the updated digital files we provide.
We’re just making a backup for you.
The convenience of having a thumb drive of your memories allows you to share good times in a number of ways! After uploading your photos to your laptop, consider sharing memories by:

  • Sending to family members on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Create a tribute slideshow for your grandparents anniversary party.
  • Print your favorites and give as birthday gifts.
  • Design a digital scrapbook by finding an online template.

Choosing to digitize your media is the safest option to ensure your memories don’t become outdated or ruined by the march of time. Even if you store them properly, old film reels and yellowing print photos will fade. Now is the perfect time to get a solid film to digital transfer that promises a lifetime of reliving past memories and moments, even as mediums change.

Keepsake Solutions is a Columbus, Ohio based memory preservation and film transfer service with over 15 years of experience.  We use cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that your memories are preserved safely, and that no precious moments are left in the past.