VHS tapes are a common memory we all share, full of embarrassing home videos and memorable days from the past. These are moments you want to cherish forever, which is why it is important to properly store your VHS tapes, keeping them from water damage as well as heat damage. With summer in full swing, attics and storage areas can easily get overheated causing potential damage to your tapes. So, what happens when your tapes are exposed to the harsh sun rays? Stay tuned for why you should avoid heat damage to your tapes, which could potentially destroy years worth of memories and happy times.


Surprisingly, VHS tapes are pretty resilient when exposed to the elements, but should still be treated with care. Tapes can safely be stored in a hot environment, as long as it is temporary and the space is dry. After a long exposure to a hot, humid environment the tape’s deterioration will start to develop. The discoloration of the tape means a deterioration of both the vision and audio of the film.

Digitized Tape Transfer

Avoid your VHS tapes degrading by making the decision to get them digitized! Digital tape transfers are becoming more popular as families hold value in preserving their old memories. Transferring your tape memories to a DVD or digital file will preserve the quality and give you the ability to share with generations to come. At Keepsake Solutions, we make the transition of converting your videos to DVDs or flash drive effortlessly.


Keepsake Solutions is a Columbus, Ohio based memory preservation service with over 15 years of experience transferring VHS tapes to DVD.  We use cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that your memories are preserved, and that no precious moments are left in the past.  If you’d like to contact us with questions or comments, please feel free to do so at (614)392-1909 or email us below