What’s the Difference Between Ordering Online
and Visiting a Keepsake Retailer?

More and more families are starting to digitize their media, which is for the best! We care about your cherished memories and want you to enjoy those moments for years to come. When working with Keepsake, we promise to handle your media as if it were our own. Our team has the technology to transfer your old tapes, photos, films and other analog media into durable digital files. Our easy online ordering and return shipping process makes it simple to preserve your memories and transform your special moments into digital keepsakes. But, what’s the difference between ordering online and visiting a retailer?

Visit a Local Retailer

At Keepsake, we understand the concern one may have of sending their memories through the mail. We can assure you that our online ordering and return shipping process is safe, easy, and fast. Our friends at UPS have never lost or mishandled a package for us.

However, there is some added comfort in handing your media to a trusted source who will keep it safe during the entire process, rather than sending packages through the mail. This is why we have partnered with retailers across Ohio to offer in-person drop-off and pickup of your media files. Our Keepsake drivers will hand deliver the materials, ensuring your packages are never lost in the mail, mishandled, or ruined. A Keepsake team member will notify you once your order is ready for pickup at your preferred retail store.

Our drop-off service is only available in Ohio at this time,

but stay tuned as our partners continue to grow!

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Order Online

Although visiting a local retailer is a simple process, ordering online is just as easy! We’ll provide a packing slip at checkout. Once you have the slip printed, box up your old tapes, film reels, audio cassettes, and photo negatives. Include the packing slip in your package and mail the box to our office in Westerville, Ohio.

Once we have received your order, our team immediately gets to work on transferring your media. This step typically takes us 7-10 days before preparing to deliver your package. We will notify you once your package is set for delivery, and will ship via UPS where you will receive your digital files along with the original media in a branded Keepsake Box that will arrive to your specified return address.

Try Our 2-Way Keepsake Box

You also have the option at checkout to pay for shipping both ways. In this scenario, as soon as you complete your order, a Keepsake Box will be mailed to your home. You simply pack your box with the packing slip provided at checkout and send it back to us (postage already provided). When your project is finished, we’ll send it back to you just like any other order.


Now is the best time to preserve your old media files in digital format.

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