What’s Involved in Our VHS to DVD Video Transfer Service?

Transferring VHS to DVD has never been easier with the best technology and know-how available. Transfer technicians well versed in the newest technology can create premium quality DVDs which showcase memories previously stored on old-fashioned tapes and film. Learn what is involved in the process of VHS to DVD video transfer to decide if this is the right way to preserve those special memories.

VHS to DVD Transfer

The combining of multiple tapes to DVD can bring with it some challenges. The option exists to combine video tapes into one or multiple DVDs, depending on the customer’s preference. This can be useful for combining multiple tapes of similar subject matter, including transferal of all kids’ birthday parties onto one compilation DVD, for example. The only limitation is a 100-year archival DVDs hold up to 2 hours of video so each combined video must have an average running time of one hour or less.

Chapter Markers

Add chapter markers to a VHS to DVD transfer as an option. Chapter markers make the viewing experience more convenient by being able to hit next or previous buttons and find the right spot. This will allow customers to jump easily from one chapter to the next or return to the beginning of a chapter and watch again. Chapter marker placements are fully customized and may be placed in any scene or order of one’s choosing.

DVD Compatibility

The highest quality transferal process can help move memories from VHS to DVD. It is a process that takes some time but with the right transfer technicians and video transfer company, it can be done quickly and efficiently in a way that will preserve memories for years to come. Transferring video onto a hard drive is recommended if a person plans to edit footage. The file type NTSC DV AVI, the most standard format across all video editing platforms is what will be used. Hard drives can be PC or Mac formatted and the file format is AVI DV with each hour of video taking up 13 gigabytes.


Every order can include some editing of blank footage found at the beginning and ending of tapes. Additional basic editing services can be made available to all VHS to DVD transfer services which add the extra touch some customers desire. This includes:

  • Cropping out unwanted footage from tapes

  • Combining all clips if several tapes have short clips

  • Remove commercials from video tapes and create seamless watching on DVD including special footage of programs

Keepsake Memories specializes in helping you preserve your family memories. We can help transfer VHS to DVD or other services as desired. We are your local, professional video transfer service with the highest quality service and quick turn around.


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