Benefits to Digitizing Your Media

Benefits to Digitizing Your Media Making the decision to digitize media is becoming a popular trend – and for good reason! Old film or audio tapes are often stored in storage sheds and basements, increasing the risk of water damage and heat damage. When this...

What Causes Print Images to Fade?

What Causes Print Images to Fade? Located in your parent’s spare closet is a box full of photos filled with memories you hold close to your heart. As you going down memory lane, you may notice a few images are starting to deteriorate and fade from their original...

The Rise and Fall of VHS

The VHS completely changed the way people recorded their moments, and allowed for a much longer shelf-life of those stored moments. Here, we’ll talk about the rise of the VHS, it’s plateau at the top, and the inevitable fall of this trailblazing gizmo.

Graduation Slideshow Ideas for Our Graduating Seniors

 So many memories, so many moments that have been captured in time, and so many possibilities! But, how can you showcase these memories in a way that is smooth, modern, and sure to have everyone in the room remembering those special moments as they move into the future?  A DVD graduation slideshow is the perfect solution!