Get Updated: Scan Your Old Photos

Making the decision to digitize your photos will guarantee a lifelong use, giving you the chance to share memories with generations to come. It’s time to get updated by scanning your old photos, and the pros at Keepsake are offering some tips to prepare you for sending us your memories.

Keepsake VS Big Box Stores

Perhaps the biggest question to consider when digitizing your media, is which company to work with when sending in your tapes. Sending your memories to a big box digitizing service comes with a list of risks and concerns. At Keepsake, we believe your tapes are as precious as the memories they hold.

What Causes Print Images to Fade?

What Causes Print Images to Fade? Located in your parent’s spare closet is a box full of photos filled with memories you hold close to your heart. As you going down memory lane, you may notice a few images are starting to deteriorate and fade from their original...