Keepsake VS Big Box Stores

Perhaps the biggest question to consider when digitizing your media, is which company to work with when sending in your tapes. Sending your memories to a big box digitizing service comes with a list of risks and concerns. At Keepsake, we believe your tapes are as precious as the memories they hold.

Your Memories Matter: Go Digital

Your Memories Matter: Go Digital Our memories are a fragment of who we are, allowing us to relive precious moments where love and joy were once shared among friends or family. However, it is very rare for a human to remember every little moment and detail in their...

History of Audio Cassette Tapes

Originally known as the compact cassette, cassette tapes are a recording format that was introduced in the early 60’s. Due to the new idea of having the ability to record conversations, cassette tapes came at a pricey cost for the user-friendly feature. So, what’s their history?