Slide Scanning Allows You to Transfer Slides to DVD

Slide scanning is one of the greatest inventions for preserving memories. Transferring from slides to DVD has never been easier than with trained transfer service technicians from Keepsake Solutions who can transform images into long lasting memories. Here’s our approach to slide scanning;

Slide Scanning

Slides are cleaned with compressed air to start with to remove dust and particles that could damage the slide. An air compressor exerts just the right amount of pressure to support the process. Professional grade slide scanners are used to transfer slides to DVD which produce amazing results in a timely fashion. Slides are previewed using scanning software where the program and other adjustments are set. All slides are labeled numerically by box marking. Folders are also named according to the original structure of the slides. After all the slide scanning is finished, each image is gone through one at a time to make sure it is oriented properly. This means not flipped or mirrored and of the highest quality. Once the images are scanned, the technician will review and a second technician will look over each image. Once all the slides are scanned, each will be turned into archival DVDs.

Deterioration of Slides

Almost every 35mm slide has deterioration in some form or another. Slides are usually older and nothing stays new. Many defects arise through aging but the most common is simply fading. Fading typically  manifests as colors losing vibrancy and a general yellowing of the image. Slide to DVD transfer can help preserve the slides but it helps to speak with an image scanning technician for examples of how to best make this happen.

Manual Color vs. Image Restoration Service

Manual color correction is mainly used to fix problems with color. If the slide has yellow casting, in many cases, this can be neutralized and brought back to original color. Software programs cannot do this so people must manually look them over to be sure the images are not too dark or have a color cast. An image restoration service can repair slides. If there are slides, scratches, blots, fungus, or other imperfections, an image scanning technician can help. Even if a piece is missing, it may be possible to get the images transferred. Slide to DVD transfer is a process that takes time but is worth it to preserve memories for generations that will enjoy all the images and not worry as much about degradation of the DVD, which holds up better over time. A trained technician can help with preservation of these valuable memories.


Keepsake Solutions has quality technicians who work hard to preserve your memories in many forms, including slide to DVD transfers. We are in the business of serving you with speedy turn-around times and treating precious memories like our own. We are family owned and operated, which means we understand why memory preservation matters. Contact us to find out how we can help you get started on transferring your memories to media which will last generations.