Scan Old Photos to Preserve Them for Generations

Photo scanning is a process that can help preserve memories from degradation and deterioration. When looking to scan old photos, it helps to find a service that has scanning technicians and advanced photo scanning equipment to meet your needs as a customer. Every photo scan order should be treated with the utmost respect and high caliber of customer service including high quality flatbed scanners. That’s how we handle photo scanning and preservation here at Keepsake Solutions.

Photo Scanning Process

In order to cleanly scan old photos, they must be cleaned with compressed air to begin the process. This will help remove dust from the photos. Images are scanned in numeric order by folder marking (ie: FirstHouse_001.jpg). During the scanning process, high grade flatbed photo scanners are used. After scanning is finished, each image is scanned one at a time to make sure it is oriented properly and not mirrored or flipped the other way. Once a technician finishes, it is best to burn old photos onto archival DVDs or other media specified by the customer. This will help keep the memories for long-term storage.

Manual Color Correction vs. Image Restoration Service

When we scan old photos, manual color correction is mainly used to fix problems with color in images. If the photo has some redness, most times this can be fixed back to the original colors. One thing the service technician will look for is the whitest pixel in the viewable area of the image to make sure it is reset to 100% white value, also the same for black. Software programs cannot do this as people are the ones who evaluate the image based on data and disregard backlighting, among other things. If the image has a color cast or is too dark, an image scanning technician can employ manual color correction service. If even two images are enhanced then it helps everything look more beautiful.

An image restoration service will digitally repair photos. If the photos have any folds, scratches, color blots, fungus or other imperfections, the image scanning technician can quote the photos a price for fixing. Even if the image has a piece missing, this may be fixable. Adobe Photoshop can be man’s best friend in this case! This is only a small piece of what happens when you come to scan old photos and find them better than the original.


Some families love to view slideshows of pictures taken over the years. After a technician helps scan old photos,  the images can be created into a DVD slideshow. An in-house editor can help direct the project for best results using the customer’s own images that have a personal touch with beautiful presentation, tailor-made for each family.

Contact Sheets

Browsing through the family photo collection was never easier when it can be created into a visual display with 100 thumbnail-sized images on the page. Contact sheets are great for larger photo scanning of orders and allows for easy reference to a specific image. This can be found quickly on DVD or a hard drive.


Keepsake Solutions is your go-to company for excellent service with superior quality. We help you scan old photos to preserve your memories for generations to come. Specializing in affordable, high quality digital transfer of your treasured media, we invite you to discover for yourself how to preserve those special memories.