Photographs Resorted

photo restoration

What is a photo restoration?

At Keepsake Solutions, we restore damaged or faded photos and documents to their original condition using digital restoration techniques. We have the ability to erase time and years of wear and tear, restore color, improve vibrancy, replace backgrounds, remove people, and perform many other restoration tasks. After restoring the digital image, we save it on a USB drive or deliver it digitally for safe storage, sharing, and printing. Additionally, we ensure that your original photo is returned unharmed.

PRICING: Since each restoration project is unique, pricing varies but typically ranges from $24.99-$149.99. We’ll happily provide an estimate if you’re considering having a photo restored.

photo restoration

Editing Techniques

  • Fix tears, rips, creases
  • Enhance color + tone
  • Eliminate minor defects
  • Lighten or darken
  • Cropping
  • Patch missing portions of the image
  • Blemish removal + retouching
  • Remove people
  • Replace backgrounds

Water damage repair

Repaired tears and enhanced color

Restored color and fixed cracks

To preserve cherished personal antique photos and film, you can allow us to scan the originals, print them on archival materials, and save image files on CDs or other digital storage devices. However, good-quality scans are just the beginning of good-quality reproductions. That’s why we use Photoshop to retouch and restore scans of faded or damaged photos, thereby creating new and improved versions of them. We perform scanning, retouching, and reproduction on the premises, so you will always know where your photo heirlooms are. In addition, restorations are fun and gratifying for us and for our customers. Moreover, creating identical copies for others can keep the peace in families.