Traditional memorial videos include 50 photos. The finished video file is delivered on a flash drive and a DVD with a custom disc and wrap cover. More photos and custom music/verse can be added for an additional fee.

Service Time: within 24-48 hours of the service.



Includes 50 photos/video clips.
Additional images and videos can be added for a fee.

memorial video

What elements should be included?

A memorial video is a touching production that celebrates the life of a loved one. Choose special images that have meaning and represent their life. 


  • Photographs from every stage of life
  • Milestones: graduations, weddings, anniversaries, etc.
  • Family photos, children, grand children and extended family
  • Fun times and hobbies
  • Vacations, holidays and special events
  • Personal achievements

Tell their unique story.

Custom memorial videos and slideshows tell your beloved’s story and provide comfort to family and friends. Create a touching video tribute with photographs, video clips, memorabilia, music and text. Most memorial videos are between 2-5 minutes, however the length is usually determined by the amount of images and video clips available. If you plan on playing the video during a memorial service, ask your funeral parter how much time you have to play the video.

Share the video with the entire family.

Create duplicate copies of your memorial video for family and loved ones to cherish. Ask our team for additional copies on USB drive or make your own copies from home.

Product Features

Creative abilities


Memorial videos receive expedited service and can be produced in time for your service.

Photo Consultant


Including video clips can further enhance the emotion behind the video.
Exceptional Service


The finished video is provided on a premium disc + thumb drive.
Photo Experts


A digital production artist creates each photo montage video.
Photo Consultant


We are skilled photography experts and quality is our number one priority.
Exceptional Service


We review each project by hand at our production facility located in Westerville, Ohio