It’s Time to Transfer VHS to DVD!

The importance of backing up old photos and film makes it necessary to transfer VHS to DVD to preserve memories and keep them safe from wear and tear over time. Not only is preservation key but the advantages of converting photos and film include protection from fire, theft, water damage and other circumstances that come up. Family history is important to preserve for future generations which makes it a great decision right now, especially as a gift for the holidays.

Enhanced Enjoyment

Everyone loves to watch old movies and scan photographs from long ago. It can feel like being part of the past in the present. When you transfer VHS to DVD it is easy to pop in the personalized DVD without the use of heavy, expensive projectors and hauling boxes of dusty reels out of the basement, attic, or storage. Convenient menus highlight chapters to allow you to jump right to the places you want to see.

Sharing is Caring

Once treasured memories are on DVD, copies can be made for family and friends. Posting digital files online is a fun activity to share with loved ones and some people like to make it an annual tradition or a gift for that special someone.

Get Organized

Digitizing material allows you to combine those photos, movies and recordings into one, easy-to-access digital archive. Imagine all the boxes of fragile memorabilia condensed into well-organized discs.


Specialty companies like Keepsake Solutions can edit out anything you don’t want to see in a video or slideshow.  If you just want to highlight specific things, Keepsake Solutions can help you by creating a customized, edited video for your viewing pleasure when you transfer VHS to DVD.

With a range of technologies available, it is more important than ever to transfer VHS to DVD to preserve, protect, and organize those memories so your family can keep them safe and enjoy those times again and again.

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