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Here’s how it works

At Keepsake, we offer customers a way to cherish old memories forever without digital transfer service. Simply send us your old medias and we’ll do the rest, digitizing your old tapes, films, photos, slides, and audio onto DVDs, CDs, thumb drives, and digital media files.


Box up your old tapes, film reels, audio cassettes, and photo negatives, along with the safety bar codes and pre-paid shipping label we’ll provide for you. Depending on your method of delivery, mail in your packaged materials or drop it off at the nearest Keepsake Retailer. Find Location


Once receive your media, we’ll get to work on your transfers immediately. Our team of professionals will digitize every item, by hand, in our Westerville location. Typically it takes us 7-10 days to process your order before we prepare to deliver your package.


Receive all of your original media, along with perfectly preserved copies of your special moments on DVDs, CDs, or thumb drives. If you’ve dropped your media off at a Keepsake Retailer, you can pick it up at the same location (we’ll notify you upon arrival).

So easy,yet
so meaningful

In today’s digital world, life moves fast, families grow and change, and people lose touch. We’ve combined the experience of the past, with the technology of today, to make transferring old media easy and safe. So gather the family and begin the trip down memory lane.


Why you can trust the pros

Your timeless treasures are in good hands. Our professionals handle your media files like they were our own.

Speedy Fulfillment

Our fulfillment process is fast and efficient. Unlike competitors, Keepsake is committed to a speedy 7-10 day fulfillment.

Safe + Secure

Each and every order if tagged with a unique bar code, ensuring safety while being transported and throughout the transfer process.

Quality Products

We deliver the highest of quality products unrivaled by competitors. Our professional packages come with our seal of approval.

Affordable Solution

You’ll receive due and savings on your most meaningful gifts. Our service is perfect for preserving those priceless memories.

15+ Years Experience

Keepsake is a family owned and operated business serving customers across the country for more than 15 years.

Made in USA

We process and check every order by hand at our production facility located in Westerville, Ohio.

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