With the weather getting warmer, it’s a sign that graduation is just around the corner for many high school seniors.  So many memories, so many moments that have been captured in time, and so many possibilities! But, how can you showcase these memories in a way that is smooth, modern, and sure to have everyone in the room remembering those special moments as they move into the future?  A DVD graduation slideshow is the perfect solution! Let’s talk about what you’ll need to do to make this slideshow a one-of-a-kind experience for our graduating seniors.

Pictures, Videos, and Title Screens, Oh My!

What really makes a slideshow such a success is the videos, pictures, and title screens that are placed within it.  These images can bring back the memories of prom, the thrill of the Big Game, the talent of the marching band, and so many more special moments.  Special effects can be added in as well, highlighting certain pictures and bringing even more life to them. Don’t forget title screens as well, as they can break up the monotony of pictures and video and add a clever way to engage the audience while adding a bit of background story to the images.  Another fun idea is to get audio or video clips from teachers or persons special to the graduating class, congratulating them on their achievement and giving them encouragement for the future.

Music Makes Things Magical

When video or audio clips are being used, a great way to keep the audience engaged and to bring the mood of the images up even more is to add music.  A good idea is to see which songs are popular at the moment, and which songs have special meaning to the graduating class themselves. By adding in music to certain images, such as prom pictures and talent shows, you have the unique opportunity to bring those moments to life again for the audience.

Combine and Conquer

Once you have all the images, video, audio, and music that you know you want for your slideshow, it’s time to organize it and make sure that it flows.  One idea is to start with the earliest photos, whether they be baby photos, kindergarten photos, or pictures from their first day of high school. By continuing in this way, you take the audience and the seniors themselves on a trip down memory lane, showcasing their accomplishments and reminding them of everything they’ve learned along the way.  Also, be sure that you add in images from as many school activities and clubs as you can, from sports to band, arts to agriculture, and everything in between. This can bring a sense of togetherness to the entire class, and remind them all that they’ve come so far together.


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