We specialize in professional film processing and single-use camera development.  Color (C-41) and black + white film formats. 35mm, 110, 126, 120, 220, 620 + single-use cameras. Choose digital delivery of files, a set of prints, or process only.


Starting at $16.99/roll

Professional wet-lab archival film processing.

film processing

Film Processing and Single-Use Cameras

Our film processing and single-use camera developing service is extremely popular. We specialize in color and black + white (C-41) film formats. That includes disposable cameras and a variety of vintage film sizes. Once your film is processed, the scanned images can be delivered in digital download format and as a set of prints.

How does it work?

Developing film is the chemical process that transforms the exposed silver halides on the film into metallic silver. The film is first immersed in a developer solution that triggers a chemical reaction. After the film is developed, it needs to be “fixed” to remove any unexposed silver halides that remain on the film. The fixer solution dissolves and removes the unexposed silver halides, leaving only the image on the film. Finally, the film is rinsed in clean water to ensure that all the chemicals are removed before it is dried and prepared for printing or scanning.

Film processing is best left to professional photo labs rather than drugstore chains because we have the expertise and equipment needed to handle film properly and produce high-quality prints.

After processing, the film negatives can be cut into strips and placed in archival plastic sleeves or can be left uncut upon request, either sleeved or unsleeved.

Film processing expertise!

We use a trusted, traditional developing process before scanning, digitizing or printing your film photos. With our film processing services, each and every negative is analyzed to optimize color, density and sharpness.  Our experienced production team personally inspects every photo for quality so your digital files and prints from film will last a lifetime and beyond.

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All film is scanned and digitized for use on mobile & digital devices.
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