Digitize Negatives and Slides with a Negative Scanning Process

Looking to digitize negatives or old film? You’ve come to the right place! The conversion of photo negatives to digital media files can be done with premium negative scanning services. Highly trained negative scanning technicians can help perform the task while maintaining superior quality of the end product. When looking to digitize negatives, it is important to understand the process and how to find the best digital transfer service in Columbus for the task.

Negative Scanning

Slides are cleaned with compressed air to remove dust and dirt that may have accumulated. Scanners are used to digitize negatives. Dedicated unites will produce amazing results when used properly. Companies will scan negatives using flatbed scanners but high quality professional grade negative scanners are best. Negatives will then be previewed in a scanning software program where cropping and other adjustments are set. All negatives are labeled numerically by box marking. Folders are named according to the original organizational structure of negatives. After the scanning is done, each image is looked at one at a time to be sure it is oriented properly. Once all negatives are scanned and inspected, they will be burned into archival DVDs which are the best way to preserve these memories for years to come.

Scanning Negatives vs. Prints

It is usually best to scan from the original source of images. For photos, the original source is the negative, or strips of images given to the family when film was developed. Printed photos are just printed copies of the negative and never contain detail that is as good as the original negative. Prints have a much more restricted range of color and luminosity (light/dark) than negatives.

Slide Scanning Process

Photo and slide scanning is another process which can preserve memories. Images are reviewed and can be scanned one-by-one to ensure the photos look appropriately oriented. Once the images have been scanned in, then they are burned onto DVDs to preserve the memories. Slide and photo scanning technology has increased tremendously over the years and it is helping to ensure customers are able to preserve more memories than ever before. Finding the highest quality memories on DVD after the process to digitize negatives and scan photos in can be very rewarding for families who seek to keep memories in the family and have copies made for other people to see. It is one way a professional service can provide a personal touch to the process.

Keepsake Solutions brings a personal touch through our family owned and operated business, serving the Columbus community for over 15 years.  With speedy turn-around, many precious memories are waiting to be preserved for our customers. We just need you to bring those memories to a company and technicians you can trust. We provide affordable, high quality transfer of your precious moments.


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