Guide to Audio Transfer for Home Memories

When considering whether to transfer audio from one medium to another, whether it is cassette to CD, tape to CD, or other type of audio transfer, those memories matter. It is worth the time and money to find the best audio transfer service that can handle all audio transfer needs and create memories for years to come. Here’s our team’s guide to getting great quality audio transfer to preserve your family treasures.

Audio Transfer for Preserving Home Memories

Audio to CD Process

Before any transfer takes place, the media will be inspected by an audio transfer technician. This is to search for any damage or issues with the existing audio. If any issues arise, the technician will call to let the customer know the source of the problem and if it is repairable. Files that are transferred will be stored on computers in-house, run through audio editing software, and the technician will determine the final sound quality of the audio to CD transfer. Basic audio cleanup services to remove errors in recording or other issues are generally provided as well. Once recording at the optimum quality desired by the client and the company is completed, it will then be burned to a 100-year CD and labeled per customer specifications. Audio CDs can hold up to 74 minutes of recording time.

Track Splitting

When audio is brought in for transfer, the option exists to set up what is called ‘track splits.’ Track splitting enables a person to skip from one track to another while playing the CD in the CD player. This is really helpful for recorded music, which can switch songs around easier than ever before.

Basic Audio Editing

Basic audio editing services are set up to help fix minor problems that may be present in recordings. Audio transfer technicians are trained on many different types of methods to support audio issues that arise. Here are just a few:

  • Speed up or slow down audio. Older audio was often capable of being recorded at different speeds. If audio plays too fast, or too slow, this can be fixed digitally by adjusting the playback speed. This can be common on old vinyl and reel to reel audio.

  • Remove unwanted sound. Sometimes random blips or noise show up in audio and these can be removed if desired.

  • Custom-placed track splitting. Audio transfer technicians can split tracks anywhere in the recording.

  • Remove static hums and hisses. Most static humming and hissing can be diminished from audio recordings, depending on the type of audio.

Audio Restoration

If a recording has some audio issues, an audio restoration service can help revitalize old recordings. With the right experience handling audio equipment, it can be complicated but not an impossible task to diminish common problems associated with older analog media. CDs are usually the most convenient for customers but MP3s can also be good. Any file format can be selected and a customer may choose to bring in a flash or hard drive on which to store files.

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