Are Cassette Tapes Coming Back?

Although streaming music is a popular way of enjoying music in today’s generation, vinyl and cassette tapes have re-emerged in the music industry, leaving an impression on number sales. Cassette sales have nearly quadrupled in the United States since 2011 and selling over 100,000 tapes this year alone, which makes us ask, are cassette tapes coming back?

Why Cassette Tapes?

Similar to the current vinyl resurgence, it is the new mainstream releases that are attracting buyers. Artists such as Taylor Swift, Jay Z, and Lana Del Rey have created an aesthetic around the idea of cassette tapes. This means the overall appeal of the cassettes is attracting young listeners and collectors.

The reason for this huge jump of cassette tape sales in 2018 is due to the large amount of mainstream releases that appeal to the larger market of listeners. Vinyls are making an impact on sales as well, but the cost of pressing a vinyl is much higher than making a tape. The cassette is a format that is currently in high demand, but the playability is still much lower than most formats. The sound quality is not as high as digital or vinyl and does not allow DJing format, which makes the increase in sales a surprise to the industry.

Will Cassette Tapes Continue to Rise?

It’s difficult to answer whether or not cassette tapes will be a staple within the music industry for a second time, but the number of sales don’t lie. The convenience of streaming music has allowed us to enjoy tunes on the-go straight from our phones. Most seem to purchase cassette tapes for the same reason of vinyl, which is having the music in physical form. As time goes on and we become more digital, this becomes attracting due to the tangible nature of the product.

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