Remembering special moments such as weddings, baby’s first steps, and special family gatherings is made easier by reliving the experience on video. Special moments are meant to be shared with loved ones and capturing those forever is the best way to preserve memories now and for the future. For people who want to hold onto the memories, the best way is to transfer old VHS to DVD.

Archiving Memories

If tapes get played too much, they often scratch and wear, getting damaged and losing quality. VHS tapes are essentially obsolete thanks to the new digital technology on the market. Tapes that have not been played in awhile may have aged, the film can turn black, and the magnetic strip may strip away or flake off when played. Special memories and milestones can quickly become only a memory. Before the precious memories disappear, the best way to preserve them is VHS to DVD transfer to retain the beautiful moments for generations.

Local VHS to DVD Service

Keepsake Solutions provides a unique service to customers who want VHS to DVD transfers completed by highly trained digital archive professionals committed to preserving memories. Accessing a local service is one of the best ways to get movies put on DVD with a conversion time that is one of the best around. Keepsake Solutions will inspect and repair material to ensure the highest quality of service and end product for people who bring cherished memories to our business.


When the final product from VHS to DVD is converted you will have a long lasting keepsake to hold onto, share, and enjoy with loved ones for years to come.

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