You finally made the decision to go digital with your old photos, so now what?! The first thing you should do with your digital prints is to save them on a backup drive or iCloud for extra caution. Be sure to take advantage of these 5 ways to share your digital prints!

1. Share on Social

The best thing about Facebook is being able to stay connected with long distance friends and family. Going through your photos and finding ones your family members and childhood friends will enjoy is a great way to share the love! Post a funny throwback thursday picture on your friend’s wall for a great laugh.

2. Create a Presentation

Family gatherings and social events are a great opportunity to share memories. Direct their attention to a slideshow you created, whether it’s devoted to a marriage anniversary or college graduation. Sharing these memories is a perfect way to reminisce on good times with those you care about.

3. Print Your Favorites

One of the best part of having digital photos is being able to print as many as you would like, even right from home! Print your favorites to hang on your wall, fill some photo albums, or to send as a gift. Taking the time to put memories together for your home shows your value and makes your space cozy with love. If you don’t have a printer, you can easily send your photos to be placed on a large canvas! Express your artwork and dedication into your home with old memories.

4. Digital Scrapbooking

One-up your paper scrapbook by going digital! The internet is full of templates and empty canvas opportunities for you to create a digital piece that personalizes your photos. It’s a fun and easy way to get creative without dealing with the mess!

5. Share as a Gift

Perhaps one of the best gifts are those made with love and compassion. Printing out old photos to share as a gift is a unique way to stay close to those you care about. Put photos in a photo album, single photo frame, or a DIY canvas to your grandparents or sister as a way to say “thinking about you!”.


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