10 Tips to Creating a Great Family Photo Slideshow

One way families love to showcase all those precious memories is with a family photo slideshow. With photo archives all the rage, it is easier than ever to create a great family photo slideshow with iPhone or Dropbox folders. The sheer volume of digital content can be overwhelming. Instead of keeping so many images, it can help to curate carefully those precious memories.

Write a Narrative

Pretend like the family photo slideshow is a personal narrative or story. Think about what story is being told and how it can be told in a way that is compelling enough to watch.


Candid images can identify key characters in the story. Include a portrait of each key player in the family photo slideshow. Include snapshots of people having fun and enjoying the experience.

Scene Setters

With a wide show, images can give a sense of place or setting for the experience. Include a sweeping vista of the mountains or ocean view, to give a dramatic setting to the story. S


Photos should showcase relationships. Consider selecting photos of family interacting with each other. This can include an exchange of expressions and sharing experiences. Find candid family ones that are fun and engaging.


Photos that reveal emotion and personality will be more fun to watch. Images with characters reacting to something happening in the story can enhance a story. If a revealing photo is captured, include it in the slideshow if it builds on the story.


Use images of objects that tell the story of a person without the person being in the picture. This may be a childhood diary, bathing suits drying over a seawall, or images of a railing lit up at Christmas time in front of the old farmhouse.


Photos must show characters moving from one thing to the next. Careful sequencing helps viewers understand how a person got from Point A to Point B.

“Hero Shot”

This is usually the apex of the story, or most dramatic part. It is a photo that makes everyone stop to sum up the vacation experience. It could be a picture of everyone gathering around to enjoy an experience.

Closing Shot

A closing shot is an image that ties up loose ends and communicates the story has ended. It does not have to be literal, but should be evocative.

Have Fun

The whole point of putting together a family photo slideshow is to have fun doing it. Make it an experience to remember with the whole family being included in the slideshow and will preserve memories for future generations.


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